A List Of Top Earners Of Neobux – Do You Know Who Is The Top Earner At Neobux ?

Neobux has been producing a lot of successful users from the day they came out to the Internet. Many of you are very slow earners, and hardly make anything from this site. But, there are some users who nearly make four figures every month from neobux. I’ve seen a user of neobux sharing his earnings in their forum, and that inspired me to write an article on the top earners of neobux.

neobux top earners

I’m not hundred percent sure about this, since many users are keeping their earnings privately. This data of the top earners of neobux was made by collecting the information shared in their forum by real users.

a list of top earners of neobux

New Updates

Earlier I thought that magnet5674 was the top earner of neobux, but that was replaced by another user – Helixpt. He has made more than $275102 in a quick time with 15000+ rented referrals. I think there must be some direct referrals helped him to earn that much.

Top Earners Of Neobux


This guy is from the United Kingdom, and with no doubt he is the king of neobux for now. His story was started five years ago as a general user like you. But his hard work and patience really paid him a lot of money.

Total Earnings – $240923.03

Rented Referrals – 36,500+

Average Daily Profits – $49 USD

His strengths are investing money for rented referrals and recycling at the proper time. Recently, in a discussion, he said that only 18% of his referrals are clicking advertisements actively and the rest are just inactive from the very few days of buying. As he usually does, he said that he would remove those inactive referrals in the recycling process.


An ultimate neobux user from Portugal, he has been making money here from 2008. Not as successful as the above user, Ledo has his own strategy of renting referrals. I afraid every top earner had chosen to rent referrals instead of going for the direct referrals. I do not prefer to rent at neobux since it requires a lot of investment, but I’m always getting motivated by reading these success stories.

Total Earnings – $136957.46

Rented Referrals – 16,000+

My Take On Their Success

After closely watching at these users I got that everyone has their own strategy for generating profits with the neobux rented referral program. If you are following my blog posts from many days, you would already know that I never preferred renting referrals. I thought that investing money for referrals is really foolish when you can get them for free. But, these people have got great profits with this program.

At the start they never tried to cashout their earnings; instead they rented referrals with that money. This is the most important strategy for the top earners of neobux. Other thing is recycling the referrals at the right time. Why would someone keep a referral who never clicks ads? While we are paying money to rent those referrals, it’s better to have a very close insight at them.

Remember – Standard members do not earn a lot of commissions from their referrals. So all they need is to upgrade their packages at the right time. If you get enough referrals to upgrade to the next membership, you can do. Another consideration is – neobux limits the no. of referrals a standard user can refer, which is enough to take a decision on your membership.

Disclaimer: I have not taken any permission from the users to post their earnings here, since I believe that once they publish their earnings on a forum it’ll be considered as a public property to share elsewhere. Any user, who wants to have more privacy, can report in the below comments section, then their names will be removed from the top neobux earners list. Thank you.



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5 comments on “A List Of Top Earners Of Neobux – Do You Know Who Is The Top Earner At Neobux ?

  1. i have an account on neobux. I have been trying to add money to my paypal account in order to invest in neobux. But, i am unable to do so, as RBI doesn’t allow to transfer money from an indian bank account to an international account.
    I read somewhere that a VCC can be used to fund paypal, i tried the same but still invain.
    Can you help with it?

  2. Just started on “clixsense” by your sponsorship and want to learn from your early experience of cashing out to paypal. It’s still a long while since I make that cash, but would like to know as there is no actual paypal connection being indicated on the site also want to know about creating an account on “neobux” without getting suspended by “clixsense”. can i have accounts on all PTC sites ?

    • Well, you also contacted me personally, but I must write here something because someone else may get the same doubt. Ok, YOU can have accounts in as many ptc accounts, but only 1 account per a site. That’s the rule.

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