Neobux Review : Is Neobux A Scam Or Real PTC Website ?

Lately, Neobux is turned into a very dangerous scam site. If you invest money for rented referrals, your money is gone to deep sea. I loudly recommend you to stay away from this site and join the evergreen ptc site clixsense from the below link.

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Many people have doubts about neobux as it appears unusual to make money by clicking ads. I am certain that you might think the same like the others because you do not understand the concept behind it and the profit sharing between users and the owners.

review of neobux

So it’s my neobux review for giving you a valuable answer for the questions such as: Is neobux a scam? I have written this post to convince you with the appropriate proofs. Just watch at the below quick view report about neobux which gives you answers for some of your doubts, then read the complete review.

neobux review
A Quick Review On #2 Ranked PTC Site Neobux

Join Neobux

Neobux is a PTC website that pays its members for clicking on the advertisements and visiting the sponsored websites for a given time. The time is usually around some 12 seconds, so it’s not a time waste for you. The money you make by clicking ads is not much compared to your daily 9-6 job, but neobux also provides a few other ways to maximize your earnings with tasks, surveys and offers.

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My New Neobux Updates

In my latest updates you may see my earnings and achievements at neobux, but that doesn’t mean that neobux will work for you too. I have listed all the positive and negative parts of neobux throughout this review; that’s why you must read till the end of this article without missing any valuable information if you do not want to face any problems in the coming days.

23/05/2014 : I am having a dream run in all the ptc sites with hundreds of referrals raining at me every day from my blog and a few other sources. I can’t just remember how often I check my PTC balances in a day. I had to buy an android mobile phone to check my earnings every hour because I cannot sit at my laptop or PC all the time. Earlier I was only making good money at clixsense, but now my luck spread everywhere.

This is my neobux review, and I can only say that it is not a scam but you need to work patiently to earn a lot of money. Read my complete neobux review below to learn more about their affiliate program, packages and suggestions regarding rented referrals.

Concept Behind Neobux And Other PTC Sites

Nowadays business owners are seeking out for new ways to reach their customers with less investment. The Paid-to-click idea is one of the best approaches for them to get users at a very cheap cost and in very limited time. This system runs as – Business owners pay money to the PTC sites to display their advertisements to new customers, and the customers take a share out of it for giving their valuable time to view the ads.

This business doesn’t bring much profit to anybody (except a few), but it keeps the system in control. You cannot earn a reasonable income from PTC sites unless you get hundreds of referrals. However, you can make some little money out of it which helps you pay at least your internet bills. This is the concept behind neobux and other paid-to-click sites. But apart from the ads, these sites also provide an opportunity for their users to make some extra bucks by doing simple tasks, participating in surveys, and completing paid offers.

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There are people out there who make a living by doing these surveys, but that takes a lot of commitment from you, and also you must be from a rich country to participate in some of them, but not all will restrict you.

Why People Think Neobux A Scam ?

Nowadays people are searching for the ways to make some part time income online for their pocket money; as a result they are being scammed by many fraud websites. So, they have a bad impression about the money making websites, but still they are in a hunt for the best program to make money.

Every person who tried to make money online possibly (already) met neobux in their online journey. They are in a little confusion with the neobux program which has many options for their members. Another reason for people having doubts on a new website is that they don’t want to waste their time for working with a fraud website which doesn’t pay anything.

Is Neobux A Scam ?

I think the answer depends on the person you ask, because many have good experiences with this website while a few are anger with the way neobux behaved with them. In the first month of my efforts at neobux, I earned $2 for only clicking on the PTC advertisements. You may laugh at my earnings but I tried to test the website and not to make money from it. Then I redeemed my income to paypal and got paid in a short time which made me happy because I got a new genuine website to promote in my blog.

My answer for the above question is ‘ NO ‘, because I already proved that neobux is a genuine website and pays their members to click on the advertisements. It’s not at all a scam, but it has some drawbacks which have shown hell to many of its users. I have discussed more about this topic below.

Your Daily Earnings

When it comes to the average daily earnings of a user, neobux doesn’t entertain the fast money seekers who want to get paid quickly without much work. Only 10% of its total members reach the minimum payment amount and all the others leave the site before ticking that mark.

The major reason for this drawback is – At neobux, a user can only earn around $0.03 in a day for viewing the provided advertisements. I checked almost twenty times in a same day but I was not able to earn anything more than that without direct referrals. Then I had to refer my blog readers to investigate more about its earning potential.

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However, you can earn more money at neobux by doing mini jobs and completing offers. These two works cannot be done so easily, you  should put your total interest in it if you want to do it properly. Submitting wrong works may lead to suspension of your account within an eye blink.

Referral Program And Packages

Neobux has a decent referral program which you can utilize to increase your earnings. It’s still a hard job to get referrals that stay active for a long time and click ads daily. It’s already proved that only 20% of your referrals stay active due to the less earnings of neobux.

One important thing I would like to share with you; that neobux rented referrals always bring losses to the buyer. I bought some rented referrals for testing purposes in my early days and I could only see that I was losing so much of money in this rented referral program. From then I never tried to rent referrals. The only way to maximize your earnings is to find direct referrals that stay active for some time.

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Negative Reports About Neobux

Despite being one of the top Paid-to-click sites, Neobux has thousands of complaints about its rented referral program and support by its members. I researched a lot on the internet to know what other members are speaking about neobux and in a short time I found some must know facts about their program which I listed below.

  • Attacks on competitors. Neobux was red-handedly found for attacking on its competitor site – probux. It was happened during the members were using neobux with the toolbar installed on their PCs. Allegedly neobux tried to crash probux site when it’s users were opening both the sites at a time in the same browser. More propaganda was added to this issue after when neobux deleted claims about this attack by its users in its forum. Apart from that issue Neobux has also banned advertisements of its competitor’s sites to avoid competition.
neobux attack on probux
Flash message by Probux to an user.
  • Neobux Hates Tabs and mobiles.There are several reports that neobux is deleting accounts of those who click ads from tablets and android mobile phones. It can’t be an issue if neobux notifies those users, but the problem is that accounts are deleted after reaching the minimum payout amount.
  • Rented Referrals Are Bots.I have already mentioned about rented referrals earlier in this blog post, now it’s the time to discuss more about this topic.According to neobux – “Rented referrals are those users who sign up at neobux without a sponsor”. Any user can buy rented referrals from neobux and keep them as their own referrals for a given time. But if you ask me ; rented referrals are not real humans, they are clearly bots. If you buy them, there is no guaranty that you would at least get your investments as returns. Neobux introduced this feature to increase its own business by selling these rented referrals to its members. Clearly, neobux has complete control over these bots (rented referrals), and it can manipulate this system for its own profits. A few users are getting profits with this system, but the same success doesn’t come to everyone. Neobux is doing this to attract more users to buy rented referrals. This doesn’t mean that neobux is a scam, because users get their payments at the right time always.
  • Bad Support.There are several reports that neobux has a very bad support in responding to its members. They (Support team) do not respond well to their customers which is a big setback. One of my referral said me that his account was deleted without any pre-notice and there was no reply to any of his email requests that he sent to neobux for getting his account back. I know this is very frustrating to lose an account without proper reason, but there must be a reason because neobux is not that much a bad company. Though there are some silly rules that every user doesn’t read – you can’t use neobux in mobiles or tabs, you shouldn’t share your computer with another user,  you must click ads everyday to get commissions for referral clicks etc.

My Final Neobux Review

I am not sure that you can earn lot of money with neobux as it totally depends on the time you invest on the website and the strategy you deal with, but not on your luck. If you have a good plan (or Strategy) in referring real people, and upgrading at the right time, you are about to become the next neobux king.

I have tasted good success at neobux with direct referrals, but when I bought rented referrals, all my money was wasted in it. This is my complete neobux review. Before I end this, there are some highlights I would like you to know. Neobux is a legit site, definitely, because it has been paying at the right time from a long time. The minus points are its referral program, referral earning policy, direct referral limit, and a few strict or silly rules that everyone must follow, or else their accounts will be suspended.



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80 comments on “Neobux Review : Is Neobux A Scam Or Real PTC Website ?

  1. Hi ,

    Very well explained. Just wanted to know about commission.

    You will get commission for direct referral only or you will get commission for your referral’s referral work also????


  2. Hi
    I am not able to how to advertise and referral in Neobux I can spend 5$ but after that what to do how to do ?
    In FAQs I am not finding my right solution. So please guide me.

  3. Neobux is the worst paying site in PTC Industry. I earn 90 cent in 4 months then i was few days inactive bloody cheap neobux made my balance zero. It can be scam site in any time so don’t trust them.

  4. Hi .. Im new to PTC and earning $0.022 per day .. i also tried downloading games on my mobile to earn coins but it notr worked … and i recived one mini jb today and alsotried this one but i dont know how to do tasks… plz help me with this

  5. Hello,
    thank you for your review. I’m new to PTC websites. I tried Neobux today and earned 0.04$ with click of adds. I tried to earn point and coins with their free promotions, such as surveys or subscriptions to sites. Unfortunately, these do not seem to work. Either the links sends nowhere, either it’s not clear how to complete the subscriptions (or it simply won’t work), some website jammed after I entered my info.

    SO all this to say, I’m very suspicious, almost scared to click on these link and enter personal information because I’m wondering if it could lead me to catch viruses or my info be stolen. Especially for promotion where they ask to install and run a program or an android app.

    I’m a mom at home and I would like to earn more or less 200$/month. I would think it’s a reasonable goal (although I might be wrong) and if you have any information or other blog post that describe a plan of action toward such earnings, I would be happy to commit.

    Thank you

  6. hi sir i want to know which bank will help me to purchase neobux golden membership as i want to invest some money into neobux…….. is it worth ………… can rented refferals be trusted……..

  7. Thank you…LAXMI PRASANNA. I really appreciate your hard work. You spent a lot of time to Guide people who want to earn livelihood by working from home…
    I want to join you through Facebook or E-mail for Advice.

  8. Hello LAXMI

    I am Kamrul from Dhaka,Bangladesh. I want to know whether i can try on clixsense from here or not. How much earnings potential it has per months. To learn more about clixsense is there any other article from you or not ? I really appreciate your great contribution…………

  9. So far Neobux has been great I earned so much money with minijobs and I didn’t have to
    Invest anything. I also rent referals as long as you have a decent recycling strategy
    They will be really profitable. You can also do offers and surveys.

  10. Hi Laxmi. It’s nice to read your blog. I previously read your blog on Hubpages as an revenue sharing program. I must say that the honesty with which you represent the ups and downs of the subject is quite appreciable. I would like to network with you. Thanks a lot for this.

  11. Hey LAXMI.. i saw ur blog… its a good for beginner in PTC sites… Lyk evryone i also have a problem they say to give me my paypal email… i have a paypal account.. But what should i give at the space given for paypal email.. Kindly please give me the ans.. i would be more happy if u reply me in my gmail account… Thanks

  12. Can you please tell me what the words “bots” and “direct referrals” or “referrals” mean? I’m totally new to online jobs and I need genuine help.

  13. laxmi prasanna my question is that it 100% sure that i get my amount from neobux because i am new in neobux so please help me………thank you

  14. hi,
    Yesterday i just received my first 2$ from neobux ,
    they are paying but exactly its very very difficult to handle the rented referrals if you know how to handle them you gonna definitely earn something .
    i was invest around $5 in it and i took 2-3 month to do my first $2 cashout Now i am going to quit neobux because every day i am losing one or
    2 rr from my account ,its just waste of time an energy .. My conclusion is actually neobux is not a scam but so difficult to earn something …
    i will never recommend any one to join Neobux .

  15. I am constantly looking for new ways to earn extra money because I am currently unemployed i join neobux and other earning sites two then i find i really got surprised I can also spend a bunch of time on it as well if I want to and when I have time are absolutely perfect for me!

  16. Hi, I’m using neobux from a month, but now I’m facing some issues on my page. When I login it shows only a white page and nothing comes when I leave it for sometime also, even i can’t able to logout.

    please help me in this.

  17. Neobux has the greatest, perfect, waste of time and money machine

    I lost more than $400 USD by renting referrals. Each rented referral costs $0.20 a month, $0.07 by
    recycling, and if you don’t want it no more, it costs $0.04 by letting go.

    The Golden membership costs $90 USD a year.

    I had more than 400 referrals, but the earnings are lower than their rent cost. Recycling is a waste of money, and finally, I let them go, one by one, by disabling the AutoPay and AutoRenew features. After that, I didn’t renew my Golden membership.

    Then, as a basic member, with no more rented referrals, I complete $6.00 by doing clicks, and after a lot of work promoting the site in the Traffic Exchange Sites, I had a good direct referral. And when I asked my payment cash, my account has been suspended.

    My account has been suspended, they say, because I used a mobile phone/tablet, but I always do my clicks only with a laptop.

    I lost my cash, my direct referral, my NeoPoints (more than 20,000).

    The site has a lot of constraint, dictatorial rules, some of they are in the TOS, but others rules are only known by visiting the forum.

    I have no access to my account, the support email address, doesn’t allow any email outside the site, and the tickets support email address, doesn’t answer me.

    How many others members, like me, are wasting their time and money?

  18. I find your comments interesting! Pardon me, but you seem to recomend ClixSense! I have not joined NeoBux I am trying to do research, so I do not get burned! What do you recommend other than ClixSense! My congratulations to you and your countrymen for the Mar’s probe.

    Richard McKelvey

  19. keep away from neobux web site , you will not earn even one dollar whole the week , i tried them and if you want to rent referral you will loose money because the referral is just automatic machine they have not a true people so they control it so you loss your money and when you contact them they tell you that is your problem to manage your account
    my advice this web site neobux is just a big scam , keep away

    • That really depends on the time you spend in the website. Though there is some restrictions on the money you can make by clicking ads, you have unlimited earning potential in clixsense tasks.

  20. They lied for 6 straight years to their members about their “referrals”. The numbers on the front page are fake and the admin laughs at the naive people investing in the bots while he controls the output/profits. IT IS A SCAM although they may pay.. Fernando from Portugal is a evil snitch.

    • Be clear about what you are speaking. Specify whether you are talking about neobux or clixsense. I can know that you are saying neobux as a scam, but some people may think that you are saying it clixsense.

  21. laxmi prasana….. sir i have created neobux and i have $0.0500 and were to find clixsense over neobux and how to recieve pament ? would u tell me ur gmail name of fb name ?

  22. laxmi, all your infos are well appreciated. Thanks.
    everytime you say : “try clixsense. it’s good.” you’ve also pasted the clixsense join link.
    Thats you referral link, isn’t it? So, you’re not only answering our queries, but also earning through the referrals. If someone is convinced with your answer for their query, then they will directly click your link without thinking for a second time.
    So i appreciated your lateral strategy also

  23. sir, i am new user of neobux but confused that genuine or scam ? but my work is continue…. when can i withdraw at neobux site ? i have 0.50 dollars, please, tell me sir,,

  24. MY lovely FRIENDS….U’l never get rich by PTC sites but u can still earn reasonable
    money by joining sites that offer maximum from your direct referrals, avoid the
    complications of rented referrals.

  25. sir, i have registered in neobux and iam earning through minijobs and investing that money in rented i don’t depend upon direct referrals. but in clixsense there is no option for buying rented referrals y?then what are the ways to earn through clixsense.pleaze tell me………..

    • At clixsense there is no referral renting, you can refer directly. Anyway you can make money at clixsense also by doing tasks and completing offers.

  26. have already join clixsense but when i realised that we cant rent referrals i loose hope in it because im a newbie i dont have internet marketing skills and promotional skills i would be very grateful if u can assisst me with getting reasonable direcrt referrals, i m intending to join neobux but im hearing a lot of complains that its rented refferrals are inactive bot please i will need your help to help srutinize this complain if it is real or not my major concern its how to get direct referrals pls can you help

    • Try doing tasks and offers in clixsense. If you want to buy direct referrals from EarningJournal, then visit the contact us page.

      • Sorry, but what does this ‘rental referrals’ means? Could you plz tell me in little more detail about.

        • Neobux says that ” The people who join directly (with out a sponsor ) in to neobux, can be bought by other users as a rented referral ” . But I says ” The rented referrals are not recommended, try for direct ones “. Understood ?

  27. I’ve invested over $1000 to build more rental referrals and be a Golden member. Whenever i’ve stop adding money to my account they block me on and off from entering Neobux and make me loses all my referrals from 1800 to 300 and lost all the money i had and there even minus sign on balance. I’ve sent support ticket and they keep saying that is nothing wrong on their side. Whenever i get to log in and post the problem i’m on in forum, they edit it. So those who are still a member quickly withdraw your money, and don’t bother to invest there. What you see good post on forum are those few people whom they kept and afraid they give bad rating outside. One day Neobux will be listed as The Top & The Best Scammer on ptc world.

  28. All of us have a dream of earning money through our own efforts.I too have it.I have been in online search for many months to make money online.Changing the keywords legit,without scam etc did not help me.But one day i came across neobux. Studied it for many days.I am sure that this site will give me decent earnings in a few months.It is a humble request from my part for anybody serious,i repeat serious(because hard work is necessary.No one will give us money for free) about making money for a good living. May god help us for our efforts.Thank you.

  29. HELLO,
    I am new in neobux, yesterday i joined this website. i am clicking the adds that they have. I think they are fixed we cannot click more then I am seeing in my page, is it true ? And i dont know what is the meaning of referrals here, and how can i get benefit from this ? I am also indian and really want to earn some extra money from these kinds of site. I read your blog, and its helpful but still i had above mentioned doubts.
    You think clixsense, is better then neobux, need your suggestions.

    Thanks again

  30. iam new to neobux facebook brought me here i want to ask that can we takeout our money(even a single penny) earned from neobux without the verified account because it requires credit card??

    • @abeer
      In some countries you can verify your paypal account with a bank account. Try it. In India it worked.

  31. hi i registered in neobux before and i forgot my password and after 5 months i created again a new one so that i could start again
    is my second account legal?please answer this question because i don’t want my effort to be in vain.i tried to ask in the forum but since my click didn’t reach the 250 minimum what will you advice to me?continue clicking adds using my second account or stop on this site?please answer me i don’t know where and who i will ask this question

    • No problem. But never try to login to your first account. For safety, also try to inform the neobux support team about the mistake.


  33. i dont think neobux is scam because i have searched the website for over 3 months to get a real website and i finnaly found a website that realy pays you just have to work hard on neobux in order to get paid you should aim to get almost 300 referrals and the upgrade to golden and i dont this clicksence is better than neobux I love Neo bux if you want to give it another try just click the banner.

  34. Neobux is a scam. they do not pay you for what you have earned. I had 5 friends all click on all their links in that day and it wasnt calculated with my earnings. ever since neobux has changed the value of their clicks and not counting referals clicks it became a SCAM

    • Hello Jeff. I think you misunderstood them a little. You must click on ads in order to get referral earnings. Did you clicked ? Ok . If you click 2 ads, then the maximum referral earnings will be credited for up to two clicks. Like that. Still If you feel neobux uncomfort, why not you try the below one.
      Clixsense Review : Is Clixsense Scam or Legit

        • Yes Ankit. Fortunately I am also an Indian, so you can make money at clixsense. Join through the below link and be a referral to me. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll get you more opportunities , so keep visiting.

    • I’ve been reading through the comments and you sure have a very good way in responding to all the comments. Hats of for you sir. I hope I’ll learn a lot more regarding clixsense.

  35. Neobux is scam. My account was closed when I request my payout with description that I have multiple accounts.

    • @Killer: It says in their TOS that you are not supposed to have multiple accounts. I don’t think that admitting you violated their TOS during your attempt at a payout makes Neobux a scam site.

      • In reply to Neobux user: -Dude or miss,whatever,they did exactly the same to me when I try my payout,with silly explanation that I have multiple accounts! But you know what? I don’t have multiple accounts from them,and immediately it became clear to me that Neobux is a BIG SCAM!

        • Very sad to see a lot of users reporting that they are not getting paid, but I’m still. See If anybody else logged on to neobux with the same computer you used. Cyber or internet cafes are not recommended, use a personal computer for ptc sites. Then you will have no problem.

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