My Official Clixsense Hack For Maximizing Your Daily Earnings To $10

First of all it’s not a hack for clixsense; it’s just an in-depth guide to maximize your earnings in a very short time. I guarantee, after reading this whole page you’ll thank me.

If you are searching for a clixsense hack, then most probably you are desperate to increase your earnings at this site. Am I right, you agree with me? Thus I wrote this blog post to put back the prohibited hacks which may cause suspension of your account when the clixsense admin realizes it. You may already know that – clixsense reviews each account before sending a payment. A single suspicious activity will end the life of your clixsense account. So you should never employ those hacks which can cause harm to your account. You may think that you can create a new one after being banned each time, but there is a chance of getting a permanent ban to either your paypal account or ip address from using clixsense.

Here you can learn a few tricks which I used in my early days to earn more from clixsense. All these are just my tips which you can use safely. There’s no issue attached with these secret tips since these are totally safe.

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Advertisement Clicks

I don’t think there are any tips out here or anywhere else to maximize the number of ads that you’re seeing in your clixsense account. Unlike other paid-to-click sites, clixsense serves advertisements according to the user’s geographical location. That means, the users from rich countries or cities get more ads to click compared to other country users. I’m not from a rich country; hence I’m adjusting with the limited number of advertisements.

There’re some other criteria that clixsense takes into account in serving the ads, those are – users who already purchased ad credits, premium members and users with more referrals.

Increase The Number Of Daily Tasks

After a short research about the clixsense earning potential, I found that most earnings are coming from clixsense tasks. I personally able to earn $10/day by doing the crowdflower tasks for around 2 or 3 hours of time. The key for success in doing these tasks is to understand the instructions given above each work. I recommend you not to hurry while using clixsense tasks, since it needs a lot of human consciousness.

My formal clixsense hack trick for doing these tasks is to complete your first hundred tasks with higher accuracy. It’s very important to maintain the accuracy, because for unlocking all the tasks you must pass the first hundred with good quality work. For me, the earnings were very less until I got passed to the next level by completing hundred tasks with 91% accuracy. The low amount of tasks at the start might deter you, but for eating the fruits you must climb the tree slowly.

Clixsense Offers Hack

At clixsense offers, you can make money either by filling free surveys or by completing the third party offers. For receiving more surveys you should fill your survey profile as a rich man. They ask you questions such as – Do you own a house, a smart phone, a laptop, or a credit card? If you would like to receive more surveys, then arguably your answers for all the above questions must be a simple YES. It’s just a part of my clixsense hacking tips, but if they find you lying, they may terminate your account. I told my trick and you decide the rest. Now coming to the third party offers, the above tips I gave would help here too.

Clixsense Referral Program Hack

I enjoy more when writing about affiliate programs as I make nearly $1000 every month from the referral programs available on the web. I know how embarrassing it is to convince someone to join a PTC site under you, so I have made an ebook which covers all the resources I used to get thousands of referrals every week to all my ptc links. You may fill up this page to contact me for that ebook.

When you start seeing referrals raining on your clixsense account, you should upgrade your account to premium membership to double the referral commissions. Listen carefully, there’s no increase of the earnings from tasks or offers after upgrading the membership. It’ll only double the commissions that you get from your referrals.

As I’m writing off a clixsense hack on every paragraph, I should write one here too.

When a referral signs up under you, clixsense provides you details such as the referral’s country name, daily earning stats,   and email address (If he/she doesn’t choose to keep it private). You may contact to that email, and tell your referral to read this article written by me. If they learn more, they earn better. Ultimately it increases your daily commissions.

A Few Clixsense Hacks To Avoid

Some fellow bloggers or writers claim that you can use softwares or bots as referrals to cheat clixsense. I agree, those bots can daily click ads for you. But if it is a working trick, why someone discloses it in public and inform to clixsense indirectly? So there’s no way to earn money with a hack. Though you earn something, your account might get terminated before you receive any payments.

clixsense earning potential
Comparison Of Clixsense Earning Potential

Finally, what I want to tell you is- Instead of searching for clixsense hacks, find a strategy to build your referral network, and increase your daily earnings. Also you can increase your earnings by going through the levels of clixsense crowdflower tasks.



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