How To Get Google Adsense Approval To Your Blog?

Most of the people dream to get google adsense approval as soon as they go through blogging, but it’s not that much easy as they think.

Today adsense is the most trusted and reliable advertising network agency in the Internet and expected to increase its network in the coming days. As its advertisers are increasing day by day, adsense is making its rules stricter. These days, getting adsense approval is an Everest task to most of the bloggers, but it can be easier as well if they execute their plans properly.

So, I have decided to write this post to help the people who are suffering to get google adsense approval to their blogs and websites.

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Before applying to the adsense program, you should keep in your mind that you are not supposed to be declined from adsense. This positive thinking may guide you well to get the adsense approval on your first attempt. I am not saying you are about to get approved, but believing yourself can boost your confidence.

You should also know that you are not the only person applying to adsense. There are thousands of bloggers applying to adsense every month and only a few hundreds of people are supposed to get accepted into this program. If you are declined this time, the chances of getting accepted in the next time is more. But maximum try to get over it in the first attempt with my simple tricks provided below.

My Case With Google Adsense

Every blogger says that his/her blog is not for making money. But the main reason for someone to put so much of time into blogging is money, with no doubt.

I first started blogging in 2009 and my main target was to get adsense approval and making money. Later I found that this thinking was not going to get success to me. Then I changed my mindset and started to blog for readers, not for money. The main changes I made was; I stopped using other ad networks that had brought less income to me even after many clicks, I started to focus on writing good quality articles for my readers, and I removed money from my head.

After doing all the above things, I got google adsense approval to my three month old blog which had only 20 blog posts.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval Quickly ?

In this article I have listed all the rules I followed to get adsense approval to my blog. There is no guaranty that you’ll be succeed by following these tips, but you could improve your chances of getting into this advertising network if you do what I did at my times.

Your Blog URL Must Be A TLD 

Most of the bloggers go blindly applying their application to adsense with a sub domain blog, which is totally not recommended. The behavior of google adsense has already proved that sub domain blogs cannot entertain them anymore. Earlier google adsense had approved many sub domain blogs and faced many fraud members misusing their program. Now adsense has stopped approving these blogs into their program unless it’s a great blog and has thousands of monthly visits. So, buy a domain at any online stores such as and transfer all your content from your sub domain blog to it.

Writing a blog with a free sub domain URL clearly suggests that you’re not at all serious with what you are doing. There is a chance that casual bloggers often try to cheat the adsense system for temporary success. That’s the reason for sub domain blogs for not getting approval by google.

domain name important for adsense approval

If you use a top level domain (.com, .in, .org etc) instead, adsense will consider you as a serious blogger and eventually the probability of getting into this program is higher. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get approved with a sub domain blog. If the quality of your content is still high, then the domain doesn’t matter.

Quality Of Your Blog

When applying to google adsense, the most important requirement is the quality of your blog content. You don’t need to be an expert in English writing, but at least try to eliminate all the grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Adsense can tolerate your mistakes with post length and blog weight, but not with the quality.

If you think your blog is written with low quality english, you should never dream for adsense approval unless you re-edit or replace that content with high quality stuff.

I write all my blog content first in Microsoft Word. So, if I commit any spelling mistakes, I can see them with a red underline. Then I’ll edit them. But I don’t think MS word can give accurate solutions to grammar. Many times I have to check for the mistakes my own.

Apart from grammar and spelling, there is another important aspect to consider here: Prose. It’s how readable your content. The better your prose is, the easier to read your content. Also readers do like to read your articles if you have good prose. I don’t have a particular answer on how to improve this quality, but if you read similar articles written by professional writers you can improve your prose. Still I’m working on it from the day I started this blog, but it may take more years for me to be perfect.

Pages You Should Have

Nowadays adsense is asking webmasters to have some pages in their blogs before applying. Those are – terms & conditions, privacy policy, contact us, about and disclaimer pages.

You might think this is a crap to have these pages in a blog, but you must need these to get approved by google adsense. I think it is very easy to write these five pages for your blog with in a time of one hour. So, just do it.

While creating the disclaimer page, don’t forget to write the sources from where you got images and videos for your blog if any. If those are your own properties, you can also write it in the terms and conditions page to warn your readers not to reproduce your content without your permission.

Here I have listed some tips for writing those pages in your blog.

  • About page. No doubt, all of you might already have this page in your blog. Am I right? If you don’t, create that page now. You have to write the history of your blog, how it’s started, your goals in the future, the content you offer, and more importantly ‘about you’.
  • Contact page.This page helps your readers to reach you easily. Include a form that collects users’ data (name, email and message). Additionally, put all your sites contact details such as facebook page, pinterest and twitter in this page.
  • Terms & conditions. This page should have all the terms you put on your readers or users. That includes comment policy, user behavior, guest posting guidelines and any other.
  • Disclaimer. If you have used content from other blogs or anywhere else from the web, it’s honest to mention all of those here. One or two time uses could be mentioned on the respective places where the content is used, but frequent uses must be stated in the disclaimer page.

Your Blog Layout And Style

It is always better to keep a simple and healthy template for your blog before applying to google adsense. Because adsense never considers the style of your blog as far as it is not disturbing the readers.You should also keep in mind that all your blog posts should be easily reachable to the audience through the main page. To satisfy this need, you can categorize all your posts with a wide verity of labels and archive.

Look at my blog layout. I have not done anything delightful in here, rather I’m just using the simplest blog structure to make it easy for my readers to access related articles and find contents that help them easily.

Clumsy graphical layouts also decrease your sites’ loading speed which is very bad for search engine optimization and your chances of getting google adsense approval could be impacted by this.

Length Of Each Post And The Total

It is always recommended to have all your blog posts size more than 500 words. If a single post of yours falls below 500 words, your chances of getting adsense approval are less. So, maintain your post length as said above to make a way into this program. Better post length also helps you to generate a good amount of traffic to your blog.

blog post size

Make sure that you have at least twenty blog posts in your blog and each of them meets the above criteria. It is also demanded to maintain your blog frequency by posting regularly without any long vacations, at least try to post once in each three days.

Search Engine Traffic Is Important

Tell me one thing. If you do not have high quality traffic to your website, does it worth for adsense to display ads in your site? Definitely, it doesn’t!

Search engine traffic, especially from google, is considered as the most important traffic that an advertiser would want to optimize his ads. That’s why without sufficient exposure in search engines, google adsense doesn’t want you as a publisher.

It’s already proved that websites which have lots of traffic from social networks (other than search engines) have a very bad conversation rate.

Submit Your Adsense Application Carefully

Note that a single mistake can kick your golden chances far away from your door. So, try to be gentle while filling the google adsense application form. All the information (your name, address etc) must be exactly matched with your real identity.

If any other person of your family already has an adsense account, you may not get the approval since adsense only allows one account per a family.

Can You Get Google Adsense Approval Now ?

Always keep trying to get approved, learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them while applying for the next time. If you think you are motivated from this post, you are about to get the google adsense approval soon.

In my case I got approved to adsense only after applying for around 5 or 6 times. Adsense is really frustrating for beginners like you, but you’ll be delighted when you get accepted into their program. Another important thing you should remember is that you won’t make anything from google adsense unless you have good amount of traffic to your blog or website.

At that time my first week earnings were only $0.29 with the help of two ad clicks. Unfortunately I got permanently banned from adsense due to invalid click activity that I committed unknowingly. They claimed that I clicked on my own ads but that was an accident and I had to pay the price for that mistake.

This is my take on how to get google adsense approval for your blog. Hope this post could help some of you to get success at least this time. One more suggestion I would like to give you – ‘Be patient. Try to follow all the tips I have provided here and submit your form again’. If you are not getting accepted even after applying hundreds of times, you could either use any other ad network of affiliate programs. I’m sure you could earn much better with affiliate programs than ad networks for niche blogs.

Firstly, everything depends on the amount of hits you are receiving to your blog daily. You could use any network or program, but if you have got less traffic, everything seems to be useless.



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26 comments on “How To Get Google Adsense Approval To Your Blog?

  1. hi, i just created a blog ( i want adsense on it but am getting errors on saving earnings settings that is i cant enable show ads , need help …….

    • To edit the settings you need to get adsense approval. But your blog can’t get easy approval as it lacks quality and it’s a sub domain.

  2. Hi, I created my blog 2 months before and it’s reach with articles but always disapproved for “site does not comply with google policies” Can you help?

    • Hello Mohamed, As I know fan club blogs doesn’t suit for google adsense policy. And the other reason is, all your posts are below 300 words, which is one of the new adsense approval criteria. Thank you.

  3. is it really very difficult for a free blog to get approved by adsense ? actually , i have recently made a blog , and at that time i dont really know that getting approved is a tough task. till now i have tried many times and it is saying “could not save earning settings ” . have a check to my blog and tell me how could i do better.

    • Hello Paritosh . We can get approved with a free blog, but it is a little difficult then a self hosted one. After checking your blog, I can say that it is never possible to get adsense approval for that blog. You don’t own the images, low text content, and it is a free blog. If you are blogging to make money, then get a .com domain name and write posts about a topic that you are interested. Thank you.

  4. Hello friend I had applied for a Google Adsense account for my website but google had not approved my Adsense account saying that your website has insufficient content but my website is a blogging site and has more than 150 articles. I don’t know what to do now. My website is …..

  5. I have tried for google adsense to montize my site but unfortunately my site got rejected. Then i moved to bidvertiser and admaya to montize my site. Is there any one using these ad network on your site? If so please share your ideas and opinions.

    • Hello Jeeva, Adsense’ll approve only niche blogs easily. It also approve websites , but it should be more popular. Make sure the images you are using in your website are owned by you. And bidvertiser, and admaya pays little. Why not you go with chitika ? Use their mega ads below or above posts, and you’ll be amazed with results.

  6. Hi
    I tried applying for adsense about 5 times and got rejected every time for :
    Unacceptable site content.

    What does “Unacceptable site content” mean ?
    What do i need to change ?

    • Hello Alex, I don’t think adsense will approve a site that promotes mp3 songs, videos and movies, which you do not own. Try creating a blog about a topic and write more text content.

      • If i remove the Amazon links, is there a chance it can help?
        The blog is mostly movie review blog and not a platform for selling stuff.

  7. I do not have a blog, but I have a website (gatecounsellor). I have been applying for google ads, but have got rejections twice. Even the affiliate were rejected by few e-commerce businesses. Can any one please visit the website and let me know what could be the reason for the rejections?

    • You have a helpfull website, but you can never get adsense approval with that. Try to change all your pdf files into webpages. Just copy the text in those files and post them in webpages. You’ll sure get adsense approval.

  8. Hello sir,
    I am send my adsense application to google. They reject my application due to insufficient content. What is the problem is? My post is 65+. Can i post till more posts? . What is the problem in it?

    • Your blog is very good. But you are not getting what you actually deserved. Buy a domain name, hosting plan and then you can make a serious money with your blog. Contact me through the form in right side below and I can help you in this matter.

  9. I tried at about 30 times… I will get 1st phase approval.
    After a week, I get disabled…

    I went through all blogs and made the necessary changes. Im ready to change more things too… But I dono why Im getting disapproved :(

    • Hello Sriram. I think your website (csetube) is not content rich. I mean in terms of text content. Try submitting blogs that have huge text posts. Your website having a few files and you are not even proving as copyrighted. Instead of making only files, try to write some articles about CSE topics. Thank you. By the way, I am ECE.

    • Hello vishal. Some times it’s easy to get adsense approval for great blogs. But, the usual rule is 6 months. Ok. Are you saying about ebuzznet? Thank you.

      • its not of my friend got approved within I guess 7 days…you can check his job site..

    • I checked your blog. It’s very nice and compatible to adsense. But Indian blog and it’s domain should be of old 6 months and 1 year respectively. So, I am also waiting to apply my form to adsense.

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