Guide To Complete Clixsense Tasks With More Accuracy

If you are not a new person to clixsense, most likely you already know a little or much of clixsense crowdflower tasks. These days clixsense is more an all-round money making site, and I really hate to say it as a paid-to-click service. Most part of it’s users earn money from their referral program, tasks and offers. I never state that making money from tasks is easier than clicking ads. Though it’s harder, it worth your time and pays off very quickly.

clixsense tasks
I first started using clixsense a year back to pocket some credits into my paypal, then I figured out that – earning money with clixsense tasks is more profitable than any other work in the web. I won’t say it’s so easy, because at that time my accuracy was too low , and that resulted in a very less task works for my account. Anyway, now I climbed to 90% accuracy for all my tasks, hence they’re offering more works to me. In this clixsense tasks guide you could get tips to complete clixsense tasks with high accuracy.

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What Are Clixsense Crowdflower Tasks ?

To erase your confusion – Clixsense and crowdflower are two different companies. They are different to each other, but affiliated. Clixsense offers an option for their users to complete crowdflower tasks with their clixsense accounts, and shares a huge part of the revenue with their workers. They launched this tasks program for the first time in the paid-to-click industry, and they would be less popular if they do not have this. If you ask me how much you can make with the clixsense tasks, I would say it’s in between $5 to $10 easily in a day with two hours of work.

Clixsense Strategy To Earn More Money

My New Clixsense Payment Proof

How To Do A Task ?

You should make sure that you already have accounts in both clixsense and crowdflower websites to start doing the tasks. Then go through the tasks menu of your clixsense dashboard where you could find the available works for you at that time. I found that old works are vanishing in minutes and new ones are coming since there are many people working out there everytime. So you should be electric in completing the tasks to get more and more.

clixsense tasks

At the start you can only see less number of trial tasks in your account, because they do not invest a lot on you since you are very fresh into this job. But this is the most important phase in your work. They’ll closely watch each of the work you submit, so you must complete tasks carefully with higher accuracy. Always read the task instructions carefully without missing a single word. If you do not properly understand what the task is about, then it’s better to leave that. Just a single crap work could damage your accuracy, and ultimately you’ll get less number of tasks the next time. For saving your accuracy, there is also an option to give up a work in the middle if you find it difficult.

Example Tasks At Clixsense

The tasks at clixsense are not as simple as you think, but after doing a few you’ll feel easier. Ok, below I’ve attached the tasks available for my account.

completing  clixsense tasks

Important Tips While Doing Tasks

– For new accounts, clixsense provides a very less number of tasks. As the users increase their accuracy, they send more tasks in. So, it’s important to maintain 90% or more accuracy in every task.

– Some tasks require full accuracy; a single wrong answer could make you earn nothing for that task.

– Until you complete 100 tasks with high accuracy, you’ll get limited number of works. After reaching the minimum level, you receive more works.

– Never be hurry in completing a task, in turn try to put more quality in the work you’re doing.

This is my small guide for making money online with clixsense tasks. I wrote this with my experience of working at the site for more than a year of time. So, it would be better for you to simple follow the tips I published in this page.



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9 comments on “Guide To Complete Clixsense Tasks With More Accuracy

  1. Hi bro!I am a new user .I can not work at task because when I support the work then viewed not supported.what is the prblm?

  2. I created clixsense account.But i have no tasks.How to create crowdflower account?
    How to Link my clixsense to crowdflower

  3. Hi Laxmi,

    I have recently joined in clixsense and have earned only by clicking Ads. I tried attempting surveys but I don’t understand why each and every time I attempt a survey , the result is always a failure to have completed the survey successfully. And one more thing is I’m not getting any tasks to attempt in tasks tab. Please help.

  4. while I am opening tasks in clixsene they are showing “Not found
    If you believe that this is an error, contact us at our support forum.

    Please include the current URL (web address) in your message.” I hav an account in crowdflower. how can I overcome this

  5. while I am opening tasks in clixsene they are showing “Not found
    If you believe that this is an error, contact us at our support forum.

    Please include the current URL (web address) in your message.” I hav an account in crowdflower. how can I overcome this

  6. I just signed up for clicksense and was working on some crowd flower tasks, however most of those task seem almost impossible to do. There was this one task which pays around 10 cents and took me more than 25 minutes to complete. I’ve heard that crowdflower used to provide simple tasks like finding our peoples twitter handles and stuff life that, but the recent tasks are outrageous.

    • It’s recommended to have high speed internet connection for doing tasks. And you must read and understand the instructions of each task before doing.

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