Clixsense Review – Is Clixsense A Scam Or Legit Money Making Website ?

In this post I am going to review the #1 PTC website Clixsense , and I also answered a few questions such as Is Clixsense A Scam etc. I am writing this post assuming you already own a clixsense a/c , so try to join by clicking here  if you are new. Please watch at the below image about clixsense , you’ll learn a lot of information from it.


clixsense review
A quick view on #1 ranked PTC site –

Join clixsense –



In this clixsense review I gave more importance to the new users, so let me take a little time to explain everything precisely. Since it was launched on 2007, it gained a total of 2,977,535 users at the time of writing this article and paid a total of $4,458,896.57 to all it’s members. By seeing the above statistics you can judge whether Clixsense is a scam or legit money making website.

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What Is Clixsense


It is one of the top paying PTC website that pays their members to click on the advertisements. You already know this method, but clixsense pays far better compared to other such agencies. I mean you have a great chance of making a few more bucks every month by spending a little time daily.

Apart from the main stream of income that is clicking ads , it also have a referral system to maximize our earnings. You can only refer directly, but can not buy from them.

My Clixsense payment proof of $377 .

How Clixsense Works ?


As I already said they pays us to click the ads, but with some little rules. Different ads have different time of view, and we need to stay that much time on the particular ad for getting paid. Usually it is in between 10 sec to 60 sec, I think it is not a big deal to do that.

After logging into your clixsense a/c you can see the available ads to be clicked on the top or any other places, your job is to click there and check out all those stuff. That’s it ! You are now got paid for your browsing work.

Guide to complete clixsense tasks easily .

Is Clixsense A Scam ?


No dear, Clixsense is not a scam. As I already mentioned it has over 2 million members and paid almost 4 million dollars to it’s users. I know you are frustrated to see the statistics, but most of the a/c are created by hackers to cheat clixsense. In fact, those are being cheated by this company for doing fraudulant activities. So be sincere with them and do not try to scam clixsense in any way. Ok, I again want to say that clixsense is not a scam , it’s a legit website that pays to view ads.

My Formal Clixsense Hack To Maximize Your Earnings

Clixsense Referral System


This is the main thing to make huge money at clixsense, by just referring your friends and other people you can get a percentage of commission when they click advertisements.

clixsense referral earnings

After creating an account, you’ll be given an affiliate link which you can share any where in the Internet to get referrals.


Payment Systems


Unlike other websites, Clixsense give value to it’s users request and pay them as they want. You can get your payments by weekly, monthly and by net 15 basis. Currently, they are paying to their members through paypal, payza, cheque and liberty reserve. So you don’t need to have worry about the payments, as we also know it is a legit site and the minimum payout amount is just $8. If you are a premium member , you can make money out when you reach a minimum of $6. But you’ll only be paid either on monday or friday after the redemption.

My New Updates

23/05/2014 :  Clixsense has became a very good money making website while lots of money were earned from their tasks and offers. But I am making lots of money only through their referral system , so why should I go for a job ? Na.

29/09/2013 : Mind blowing , my stardom at clixsense is increasing day by day, now I have a total of 750 direct referrals, and I am the top 47th user of clixsense. I am working hard to reach the top 10 before the end of 2013. Thank you all for your support.

17/07/2013 : I finally upgraded my clixsense account to premium and wow this is really great. I am earning exactly double the amount of what I was earning before. With my 300+ direct referrals, I am finally in a track of earning passive income at clixsense. I would suggest anyone to upgrade their a/c , then click the ads daily and refer people to join this website.

01/08/2013 : It’s yet another landmark reached by me. Now I have a total of 420 referrals(people joined under me) , out of which 4 are already premium. I am sure to earn a full time income with clixsense every month very soon, thanks to my fellow referrals and clixsense company.

10/08/2013 : Ok, finally I reached 500 referrals at clixsense and just another 100 away to jump into the top 50 users. Thanks for all of you who joined under me, without who I might not be here today.


clixsense payment proff
Clixsense Payment Of $19 To My Paypal


My Clixsense Earning Reports

my clixsense earnings


My Final Clixsense Review


With my own experience I am telling that Clixsense it not a scam and it pays as they say. It never cheated any sincere users and many people are earning hundreds of dollars every month by upgrading memberships and referring new people.

This ” Clixsense review – Is Clixsense a scam or legit website ” is written by the admin of this blog Laxmi Prasanna Rokkam.



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26 comments on “Clixsense Review – Is Clixsense A Scam Or Legit Money Making Website ?

  1. Hi Laxmi,
    I tried completing the surveys but I don’t understand why for each and every survey I attempt ,
    the result is a failure because it does not match with the details in my survey profile. Please help.


  2. Hi,

    I have recently joined in cliksense i am unable to create a paypal account, but i have payza account will clicksense would be able to pay me on my payza account, need your help.

  3. Hi Laxmi, I am agree with you ClixSense is not a scam at all. ClixSense referral program is good way to make money fast. But I earn most of money by completing task and offer because its difficult to get referral. Most of the people are not able to earn money because they rely only on clicking ads. Thanks for reviewing ClixSense. I hope after reading this review people will join ClixSense

  4. i checked on many websites they all say clixsense is not scam.but how it is possible ,actually we click on ads as a fake customer how this system or website is legit to make money?

  5. And I got cheated from and
    I lost 2,525 Indian currency,I worked 2 weeks and I requested for withdrawal,than I got ohhh here comes the twist saying that for 500rs withdrawal request, I have made one direct referral it seems ,how will people come froward to join by paying 2’525 ,when first of all I only not got paid ?see how they loot money

  6. Hello lakshmi.
    I understood, but this concept of referrals is tough. How can I recruit people? OK show your bank pass book details, I think you are from tamilnadu.

  7. Hi lakshmi,
    How can we trust that you also one of the clixsense partner and making us believing and making us to join and made us to pay 10$ for one direct referral. And I visited some other sites with regard to clixsense in around 4 sites people have mentioned fake fault scam etc. site is this, so kindly help how can we believe?

    • Hello Nisarga, first of all you are not at all clear in your comment. Clixsense is not a scam. What is the $10 you are talking about ?

  8. Hi Laxmi, after going through your blog on clixsense, yesterday night I’ve joined there and earned 0.047 $ in my account by viewing Ads. I just want to know how can I see much more Ads. They say, reloading the page often to get more Ads,but actually it doesn’t work. Kindly advice.


  9. I had joined clixsense just to give it a try without knowing it would pay me or not.but after using it for a while i strongly feel it is a legit site and will pay you if you follow the TOS.

    • Hello Dhan,
      Yes. They also pay via check, but only for US members. Minimum you can cash out is $10. International members may get a check, but minimum would be $100.
      Thanks for asking.

  10. It might be not scam, but the thing is you got minimum 0.0002 per click. And that is too low as per earning(Around 0.01INR)…!?!

    • Hello Jain,

      Not really. You can earn easily $0.10 or Rs.5 per day with zero referrals, for clicking ads, doing tasks and completing offers. You don’t need to be serious about it, it’s just for fun. While you do time pass for a 10 minutes, you earn something that could pay your mobile bill. Thanks for your comment, keep visiting our blog.

      • you fool if you beg on the roads you will get more than 500 rs a day min, then why some has to waste so much time to earn 5 Rs.

        your time is more valuable than clicking on web, in way its a cheat.. advertisements meant for real customers.. this clicking activity is faking you are a customer, where as advertising companies pays web ads.. if you donot have knowledge gain it before hand else you become slave worker for others…

        • Hello Ram, Thanks for your comment. If you think begging on the road is more profitable than working at clixsense, then you can go for it. I appreciate your ego.

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