Bubblews Is Scam – My Honest Bubblews Review

What I predicted is finally came to reality ; Bubblews is done and over.

I am writing this bubblews review with my own experience with the site for more than 10 months. Everything I speak here is just true.

Bubblews scam review

Ok. I joined this site in November 7th of 2012 and in a short time I earned more money. At the beginning they were paying, but not all time. Think If I earned $100 in a month, they usually pay like $60 and keeps the remaining amount pending forever. This is what made them a bad company. In the recent times their behavior is becoming even worst and they fell on to the ground level of trust. Now they are not completely paying to the 90% of the members as they promise. It’s a good proof to say bubblews as a scam.

Frankly I earned more than $1000 at bubblews, but they didn’t even paid me half of that amount. Also in the recent time I have not tasted the happiness of receiving a payment from bubblews. It’s not just a case of mine, I have referred nine friends of mine into bubblews , but no one has received a single payment so far. That made me feel insult infront of my friends , because they wasted their valuable time due to me.

New Post Updates 

23/o5/2014 : Oh god, the people at bubblews are too demonic, they are just stealing the valuable time of people all around the world. I already spoke about the number of payments of mine still pending from an year, now , according to a small research I done bubblews is not paying more than 90% of its writers. Horrible website I ever saw, and you people don’t waste a single minute there.

25/09/2013 : After waiting for a long time, finally I got paid for the first time in the last two months from bubblews. I recommend you to give a try with your own risk. But we can’t say it as a legit site, it needs to pay consistently for more days to become a legit one. I still have lots of pending payments at bubblews, will update here whenever I get the remaining things cleared.

17/10/2013 :  I received three new payments from bubblews, but still have a pending of $300. Also they deleted a post of mine which earned $47 last year. I think they did this to scam me for another $47, the amount was deducted from my current bubblews balance. When I was about to reach the minimum payout amount of $25, my balance went to an unfortunate -$22(minus).

Why Bubblews Is Scam ?


If anyone asks that question to me, I have two answers to give.

1. Bubblews did not paid 90% of it’s members in the last five months, but they pay to a very less users (not always) to keep more people visiting their site with the effect of word of mouth.

2. Bubblews never reply to most of the emails, but they replied me and saying will pay tomorrow or day after tomorrow from the last five months. It shows how characterless people are the bubblews staff. They are just wasting my time and they don’t have an answer when I ask : what’s wrong I did ?

These two problems are enough to declare bubblews as an utter SCAM.

Why It Happened ?


Initially when they launched their website, they had a thought of paying every member. But when they failed to generate at least a minimum revenue from their site, they completely stopped paying to their members.

So, Bubblews is a total scam. Beware of this site, It would be better if you write articles at genuine sites like squidoo, hubpages, bukisa and Xomba.

This bubblews review is written by Laxmi Prasanna .



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5 comments on “Bubblews Is Scam – My Honest Bubblews Review

  1. Hi,

    Good that I did not waste too much of time on bubblews and got to read real experiences from you. There are lot of new sites which end up not living up to the promises. You can look at some other sites which actually help writers by allowing them to show their own google adsense ads on their articles. You can check out writeupcafe.com. Though i am not much of an avid writer,would like to know your views and reviews.


  2. yeah,, i think that’s true they block my account and i don’t know why. maybe because i do more effort to make a article everyday and every two days i complete the 50 dollars requirements, and last night when i send the last 50 they block me :(

    • That was my old review when they were paying regularly, but now, due to heavy losses in their business, they stopped paying to 60% members. I also expect this site to close the earning program permanently in the coming days. Anyway, nice question Parthiban. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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