Paidverts Review – Is Paidverts a Scam or Legit High Paying Site ?

Paidverts is an unique paid-to-click site that is completely different from other PTC sites, and it pays really high amount of cash ads to its users. Highly means you could even earn $50 per one click, but that is a long way.

paidverts review

This site was launched by Joel Cook two years ago, who also owns another lottery site called (MTV), which is not so popular, but a legit one. So we can expect Paidverts to run smoothly without scamming its users for a longtime. (more…)

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Clixsense Is Hacked ! Redirecting to Porn Site

Update : Good news folks ! The Clixsense website is now up and running like ever before. Yesterday the website’s DNS manager account is hacked by some unknown and that put all of us in shock as the domain name was redirecting to a porn website’s DNS server.

Clixsense hacked

As per my knowledge the hacker replaced the name servers or other IP addresses of Clixsense servers with the details of the explicit site. After that those who opened were redirected to the freaking ugly site. The details of the hacker is yet to be known , but we have very slim chances of knowing him. We can’t even know whether he is a single person or a group or a rival PTC company which wants to damage the reputation of Clixsense. (more…)

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Mylot Review – Is It A Scam Or Worth Investing Your Time ?

Is mylot a scam ? I know this question strikes on the mind when a new person starts working on a relatively new website. I don’t mean that mylot is a new website, it is around there from many years. Here I considered mylot as new to the particular user, who is fresh to this money making program.

mylot alternatives

Mylot is a forum type website that pays it’s users to discuss with each other. The topics are upon the users interests and anyone can create a sub category or tag at any time. Simply saying ; Mylot pays you to discuss with other users. You need to just do the same what you have been doing at Facebook and any other social networks for years, but following mylot guidelines. (more…)

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My Updated Bubblews Review – Bubblews Is Closed Without Prior Notice

Update 24/11/2015 :

updated bubblews review

After lot of failures with pending payouts and low revenues , the site owners of Bubblews , now , decided to stop the business by thanking everybody who were part of their 3 year journey. Unfortunately, writers can only say thanks to them for closing the site and not for the past business. Bubblews , which started three years ago, could never live to its expectations of trust and reliability. But the only thing to remember is that ; there was a site named bubblews that paid writers at an unbelievable rate. Bubblews is closed ! The below image reads the last hearing from Bubblews and the CEO Arvind Dixit.


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Is Paidverts Scamming With BAP Swap And Share Price ?

Paidverts has been the go-to site for any PTC user because of it’s trusted payments and high earning potential. But, does that mean Paidverts safe ? My recent research and experience with this site says it’s safe, but not if you always want profit.

Paidverts Logo

From the last few years, I have made more money at Paidverts than any other paid-to-click site ; thanks to the owner of PV. I really do not know his name as he often changes his name from site to site , and season to season. It may appear disgusting to new people, but If you are already a Mytrafficvalue forum user, then you would definitely agree with me.


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