5 Ways To Get Direct Referrals To Neobux – A List Of Methods That Worked For Me

Nearly 60% of my direct referrals at neobux are inactive because they didn’t find anything great here. It might be lack of knowledge in them, so they are not able to earn good money at neobux. Do you want to be one of those who click ads for a few days with frustration then leave with disappointment? You don’t.

get neobux direct referrals

The few people who are the top earners of neobux are neither different nor intelligent than you. They are same as you, humans. Not super humans. The reason why they are successful than you is that they have the patience and they use their time wisely.

In internet you would find many writers coming up with their strategy of making money with neobux. But those are risky since they deal with rented referrals and costly memberships. Here I’m writing the best risk free way to maximize your income with direct referrals.

After reading this whole page you will learn how to get direct referrals to neobux. Before that tell yourself that you can make it, you have the potential to become a top earner at neobux and you will not leave in the middle. As you already know direct referrals won’t come so easily, but if you learn once it will be easier.

Limits To Direct Referrals At Neobux :

Already, many readers of my blog asked me that why I do not concentrate at neobux as I do at clixsense. The one reason is – limits with direct referrals. At clixsense you can refer unlimited users, but neobux doesn’t allow you to do that. They have limits that really frustrate you. I’ve listed all the restrictions that neobux puts on you.

  • Your neobux account must be of 15 daysor older. If you are reading my blog to get direct referrals to neobux, then you already are a user of neobux. But don’t refer anybody unless you are 15 days old at neobux. All the referrals you get before that time will be sold to someone else as rented referrals.
  • You must click atleast 100 ads to unlock the referral program.It’s not a bad idea. They want their users to have some experience on the site before referring others. If you are joining neobux to get referrals straight away and build an income strategy, then you might want to wait longer. It will nearly take four days to click that many ads.
  • Still you are limited. Having spent 15 days and clicked 100 ads, still you are not completely free to refer unlimited users. As a standard member you could only get 30 direct referrals to your account, additionally a few more referrals based on a formula set by neobux. The formula is [(Days-30)/4] for standard membership accounts. For example :If your account is 90 days older , than you can refer a maximum of 15 referrals additionally after crossing the first thirty referrals. For golden membership users the formula to be applied is [(Days-30)/2] and for all other memberships (except ultimate) it is [days-30]. Users of the ultimate membership, which costs $890, can have unlimited direct referrals. This rule really affects some part of users like me to shift towards clixsense. Yes, that’s true. I first had an account at neobux before I knew about clixsense, but this rule was the reason why I had to put more interest in the later one. Have a look on the below table to know more about the packages and direct referral restrictions of neobux.
Memberships Yearly cost Referral limit Additional limit Add. referrals Max. Referrals
Standard Free 30 (Days-30)/4 83 113
Golden $90 200 (Days-30)/2 167 367
Sapphire $290 300 (Days-30) 335 635
Emerald $290 300 (Days-30) 335 635
Platinum $490 400 (Days-30) 335 735
Diamond $490 400 (Days-30) 335 735
Ultimate $890 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

* In the above maximum referrals, I considered the age of neobux account as 365 days.

* Replace days in the above table with your account age to calculate.

* To calculate the total maximum referrals you could have, add the additional limit with the basic limit.

* With standard membership, you can have a maximum of 113 referrals after when your account is 1 year old.

Your Earnings With Direct Referrals :

The only advantage you have with direct referrals is that they come with free of charge, whilst the rented referrals are costly. Also there’s no guaranty that the rented referrals will click ads regularly. There are also many reports by real users that these rented ones are bots created by neobux developers. It’s not my job to discuss those things here, because it’s out of our topic, and I would like to write a special article on the rented referrals later.

Actually, you will earn good money with direct referrals with any membership. I have created another table below to make you understand better about the earnings with referral clicks for each type of ad.

Membership Extended Ad Standard Ad Fixed Ad Coin Offers Mini Jobs
Standard $0.005 $0.005 $0.0005 20% 12%
Golden $0.01 $0.01 $0.005 20% 12%
Emerald $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 20% 12%
Sapphire $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 20% 12%
Platinum $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 20% 12%
Diamond $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 20% 12%
Ultimate $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 20% 12%
  • Standard membership.It’s a free account. When you first create an account at neobux, automatically you become a standard member. In this package the earnings for your own clicks and referral clicks are less. You can upgrade to any other membership based on your requirement.
  • Golden membership. In golden membership, the referral earnings are better than the previous one. Additionally, your basic direct referral limit will be increased to 200. This package doesn’t worth your investment, but helps you on your way to deeper memberships.
  • Sapphire and emerald. If someone asks me about the best, I would recommend this membership to them. Though it costs $290, it lifts the referral limit by a long margin. You’re allowed to refer three hundred referrals, plus the limit will be extended by using the formula (Days-30). This package must be used for a limited time only.
  • Ultimate membership. As the name suggests, it’s the last one. You’ve the complete freedom with direct referrals because you can refer unlimited people. But you must be capable of referring or renting at least 10,000 users with ultimate membership to receive any profit. I would suggest you to have rented referrals with this package as the commissions are higher. Remember that these packages will only affects your referral commissions, and not the direct earnings you make by clicking ads.

Ways to get Neobux direct referrals :

If you ask me, there are millions of ways to get direct referrals to neobux. But none of them are easy to work on. I’ve listed a few ideas below for you. To know all the methods I use to get tons of referrals, you must but my ebook.

  • Creating a static blog. One of the best ways to refer users is to have a blog. What’s a blog? It’s a webpage created by your own. You can have articles, pictures and any other content in your blog which are created by your own. Now go to blogger.com and create a blog for writing your experiences that you already had working on many ptc sites. At the end put your referral link and tell people to join through that link. I wrote the easiest method to start a blog for free and get visitors to it in a chapter of my ebook.
  • Get traffic to your blog. After creating a blog, your next work is to reach people. As a professional blog writer it’s not a hard work for me anymore. But it’s really a headache for you. One of the easiest methods to reach people is through facebook. I think you might already have a facebook account. What you will do now is – Add ten new friends daily and message them about your blog, and tell them how they can make money online. It would be better if you do that with a fresh account instead of experimenting with your old one. Remember – your FB account may get banned if you add excessive friends (more than 10) in a single day.
  • Social networking. You could also use other social networks or chatting sites to either generate traffic to your blog or directly promote your affiliate links. But this way you may not get referrals that stay active for a long time.
  • Advertise in blogs. Having your affiliate links in popular blogs would be great. It might be costly, but sure you’ll have earned much more after using this method. I would like to suggest you that you should never advertise your links in PTC sites as micro ads since they will be viewed for only 5 seconds. You might go with either standard or extended ads for better results. Clixsense would be a good source to get direct referrals to your neobux account.
  • Write guest articles.I don’t allow a guest article on my blog unless it’s a high quality stuff. So if you’re a good writer in English and can write articles with more than 1000 words, then there are many blogs on the internet that would like to publish your writings. You may ask them to advertise your link on their blogs in an exchange favor.
  • Write for revenue sharing sites. Not the very best idea, but still effective. We have many revenue sharing sites that pay us for writing content in their websites. Out of them hubpages and squidoo are the best since they get lot of traffic from search engines. If you can write content at these two without violating their rule, you can get many direct referrals to neobux.

These are a few methods you could use to get neobux direct referrals. I have written many more ideas in my ebook that will really help you to start your ptc business right now and become successful very quickly. You can have my help through the contact me option of this blog.

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Neobux Hack or Legitimate Tips To Maximize Your Earnings

Almost 90% of neobux users vacate the site before they reach the minimum payout amount for the first time. In this article, I will discuss some of the reasons and help you find the solutions on your own.

Do you really think that you can hack neobux and get your payment successfully? I don’t think so. Every company does review the user account thoroughly before sending a payment to that account holder. So, my idea is – instead of searching for a way to hack neobux, it should be better using my legitimate tips to grow your neobux earnings in a steady manner.

neobux hack to increase earnings

I’m certain that there are hundreds of articles on the internet for hacking neobux. The problem is that the writers or hackers do not mind if people see their accounts banned the other day after using these hacks. But I took the total responsibility for writing a pack of tips which could replace a hack. These tips are completely safe to use, you do not need to bother of losing your account.

- List Of Top 10 Earners Of Neobux

- List Of Legit PTC Sites Like Neobux

My Neobux Hack Or Tips To Succeed With Direct Referrals

If you only depend on your own clicks, then it may take nearly 45 days to reach the minimum payout amount ($2). So, it is clear that – you must deal with direct referrals if you want to make a steady income at neobux.

When it comes to direct referrals, nobody in the world is a fan of neobux for the reason that they have so many restrictions for referring. Your account must be 15 days or older, and you must have clicked atleast 100 ads to start referring. I’ve discussed more about these things at the rear part of this post. For now, just look at the tips (legit hacks) to maximize your neobux earnings.

  • Never stop clicking ads. Though your earnings from own clicks are negligible, you are bound to click ads daily. Because, for receiving any commissions from your referrals for tomorrow you must click at least 4 ads today. If you go for a vacation and you do not get a chance to click that many ads, then forget about referral income for the next day. This is why neobux is falling behind clixsense.
  • Tell your friends about neobux. If you’re a social person in your area, then it could be easier for you to turn some of your friends into referrals. There is nothing to shy about because you are not scamming or hiring them. They’re not your slaves as well. You earn money when they click ads and they too. Also give them this article so that they will learn to improve their earnings. That gives more benefit for you because you do earn commissions from your sub referrals (referral’s referral) too.
  • Get referrals from facebook. For now, facebook is the most popular social network. You have been chatting or sharing with your friends at facebook for a long time. But from now onwards you may use it for turning your fortunes. Blasting your affiliate link (or referral link) everywhere won’t bring you a single referral, also your facebook account may get suspension as a result. What you are gonna do is – add a few new friends daily (do not exceed 10/day) and talk with them about neobux. Ask them to join as a referral to you, help them to earn money. That’ll ultimately help you get more referral commissions. Not only facebook, there are also many sites to get referrals in the safest way.
  • Buy my ebook about referring. In one of my ebooks, I’ve mentioned all the things or ideas I’m using to get thousands of referrals every month. If you want to earn money like I do, then you must buy that ebook by contacting here. This ebook costs only $10 which you could pay through paypal or bank transfer. I assure you that in no time you’ll earn that money back.
  • Do not create multiple accounts.One of the most common reasons of neobux user account termination is “use of multiple accounts in a single computer”. You may pretend to be safe because you only have a single account, but the next morning you might be shocked to see your account unavailable. The reason would be – someone else (a friend or a family member) logged into neobux with your computer or you have logged in a public computer at your college or internet cafe. These silly things may cause termination of your account in a surprise.
  • Do not rent referrals with standard membership. One of the big mistakes people often do is renting referrals so early. They were either told by a top earner or a bloggers to rent referrals to earn good money, but it’s not a great idea to buy referrals with a free membership since neobux pays less affiliate commissions for standard users. I recommend anyone to have more than fifty direct referrals and golden membership before starting to rent referrals. Because you will earn exactly double referral commissions in golden than standard package.

Why You Should Not Hack Neobux ?

You are completely safe while using the tips I mentioned above, but there are many neobux hacks out there in the web which might potentially cause a ban on your account. That’s why I’m repeatedly saying you to avoid using the hacks given in many blogs. When neobux is reviewing all your account activities before sending a payment, there is no point of escaping from being found guilty.

- Neobux Review For Beginners

- My Neobux Earnings For Inspiration

These are the tips you can use to hack neobux. It is not actually a neobux hack, but it’s the safest to use for increasing your earnings. I wrote as a hack in my title not for cheating my readers, but for guiding them to a safe quarter.

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How To Earn More Money At Hubpages ? – My Hubpages Strategy

I have already written a review about hubpages a few months back and I think it is the right time to come up with another great article on this revenue sharing site, although it’s a long time gap after I wrote the prior one.

If you are not earning a reasonable income with hubpages, then you have finally come to the right place. Unlike making money with a niche blog, it’s harder to earn money with hubpages. I’ve been using this site from the last three years and I really have had a very bad income. If I were writing in a blog other than hubpages I would have earned three times more than I made here.

stratego earn more money at hubpages

Leaving my horrible days with hubpages, in this post I’m going to reveal a few secrets I used to earn more money at hubpages during my early days to still today.

What Is Hubpages And How It works ?

Hubpages is a revenue sharing site that earns money from google adsense and amazon, and shares the revenue with the writers. It’s a win-win-win method, in which all the three (advertisers, writers, and hubpages) get benefit.

Hubpages shares 60% of its total revenue with their writers (it’s you), and keeps the remaining for themselves. I don’t think an article writing site is good for the writers unless it offers ninty percent to the writers. But like us, they are also money minded. They want to make the most out of their websites and leave the writer’s hard work to the air. We cannot easily describe how much work a writer had to put to complete a 1000 word article with four related images and a video.

When hubpages was first launched, it was a very easy method to make income online by writing hubs about products and the buzz things, then selling the related things from amazon through that hub. But now it’s a completely different thing, you have the possibility to live here only if you are writing for the readers without being money minded, still you earn money though.

So, you should have instead searched for ‘how to get more traffic to hubpages’ rather than ‘how to earn more money at hubpages’. In a sense, the above two concepts are same, but the way you approach to the success will be different, actually the former one is safer.

Tips To Earn More Money At Hubpages :

A word for the wise – ‘all you need to increase your earnings is to increase the traffic, but nothing else’. I don’t think you are reading this for the first time; I only wanted you to remember it at every second in your life with hubpages. A few ideas I learned during my hubpages journey are given below, which would help you multiple your hubpages earnings.

  • Write as many hubs as you can. Whatever you did, you’re doing now and you will do – the only thing you should remember is ‘the more you write, the more you earn’. That’s the first idea. Whatever comes to your mind or interests you for that day, make it a hub with full of text and a few images. Writing has never been hard for me, but I won’t propel you if you do not have enough time for doing this. One more thing is – don’t write dummy or low quality hubs that do not help the readers in any cause. This is the best way to increase your hubpages earnings.
  • Increase the hub length. These days, hubpages has been very strict with the text length of the hubs. They are asking the writers to write atleast 700 words in every article, but the actual safe length is anything above thousand words. If you consider in SEO perspective, this rule of writing more than 1K words per hub stands firm. You’ll have the better possibility of ranking your hub in the first page of google and generate some good quality backlinks, at the same time avoid the deletion of your hub by the moderators.
  • Add some beautiful pictures. The actual hard work for a writer comes here. You need to put atleast two or three related images in each of your hub. It helps you get more backlinks from other sites or hubs, and sends your hub top to the search results. Many times you can use images from the web with mentioning the source or copyright, but sometimes you’ll have to create your own images for your hubs to let hubpages know that you are a serious content creator, and not just a money maker.
  • Interact with other writers. One of my best ideas to extend my hubs exposure is to interact with other hub writers with comments on their hubs. All you need to do is – find hubbers with similar interests as yours, follow them and comment on their new hubs in an interactive way. When you read their hubs, most probably you get one or two doubts which you should ask them without any hesitation. The more times you interact with them, the more times they’ll follow back to your hubs. They may also link your hubs in theirs if they find your content valuable.
  • Get backlinks to your hubs. As said before many times by many people, backlinks fuel your content to the top results of any search engine. Out of all other google is the top search engine in the web, so you must consider following their set of rules. They really have a good rule that you must not build your links yourself to get ranked higher. If you write quality content that helps the readers and gives you links naturally, then you’re safe.
  • Sell related amazon products.Amazon is the top revenue source for the hubpages writers, besides google adsense. The difference between these two is –adsense doesn’t provide you the chance to choose the specific ads that suit your content, but amazon does. You can put any product ad in your hubs and get commissions when someone buys the product. In my early days I used to write reviews on products and earn more money at hubpages with this trick. But now they do not allow you to write product promotional hubs to maintain the quality of their website.
  • Make your hubs interactive. Most probably people search articles or guides online for solving their problems. Let’s consider that a person is searching for good antivirus software for his/her computer, and he’s in your hub (e.g : list of top antivirus softwares) at the moment. You must be interactive in the specification of each of the software in your article to make him understand one better from the other. Put your affiliate link of a new software in the recommended section. Then you’ll have a good chance of converting that person to become a referral of you to the new antivirus software that he didn’t use before. You get commission when each reader is converted into a referral to you, thus increase your hubpages earnings.
  • Follow the top hubbers. It’s always good to follow the path that successful people were gone through in their early days. It’s also important to remember that what worked for them may or may not work for you. But in this case, you may increase your knowledge by reading the hubs written by top hubpages earners. Try to write or structure your hubs as they did or doing, and make it interesting for people to read your stories or hubs.

Hubpages referral program :

The latest buzz from hubpages is – you earn 10% of referral impressions for life time. That means you’ll earn revenue from one tenth of your referrals total views. If a few of your referrals become viral writers then you can see money rolling into your account without any work. Surprisingly, you’ll earn for a life time.

But, how you can get active writers as referrals? Asking a facebook friend to join under you wouldn’t be a great idea. The good idea is – refer those who are already writing in some other revenue sharing or article directory sites. If you can do so, then you can earn good money from hubpages affiliate or referral program.

These are all the tips I can offer for my readers to earn more money from hubpages. Reading these things wouldn’t help, but implementing them would do. At the start you may not earn a lot of money as you are expecting. It definitely takes time to see things flying on your way. One last suggestion is – do not stop writing.

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Hubpages Is Really A Paradise For Writers – My Review On This Revenue Sharing Site

Hubpages, is one of those few sites on the internet that work for quality rather than generating revenue. I know it’s very hard to live with your hubpages earnings, but it suits well for those to whom writing is a passion.

the honest review of hubpages

The articles written here by real people are called as hubs and the writers are known as hubbers. I started my hubpages journey three years ago to make some money for my daily needs, which turned into a passion for me. Though writing at hubpages is not as profitable as blogging, still it worth your efforts, and produces healthy results. If you decide to put your hubs for exposure, the low earnings can make you happy. But if you’re aiming to make money or not writing for the readers, then you have landed in a wrong area.

This isn’t a wrong thing since everybody wants money to be made as quickly as they can. When I first started to write at hubpages I was desperate to maximize my income in a less time without a lot of work, unfortunately that’s never going to happen. If you are a good writer in English, have something unique to share with the community, only then you could survive at hubpages.

How Hubpages Works ?

The formula of hubpages is – ʺwe provide the tools, you just write, and we both split the income generated from your hubs between us ˮ.

Since hubpages first introduced this method, a lot other revenue sharing websites started to hit the screens, but only hubpages remained as the unique one because it deserves. I think you already got a clear cut idea on how hubpages works….let me explain you more precisely.

When our hubs start to generate traffic, 60% of the time they display our ads and they show their ads for the remaining time. That means we earn only for the traffic that dedicated to us. So we must already have a google adsense account, an ebay, and an amazon account to earn money from our hubpages articles. I would rather say them hubs instead of articles, since the pages created by writers at hubpages have more to offer for the readers than an ordinary 500 word article.

pros and cons of hubpages : hubpages review

Don’t have a google adsense account? No worry. You’ll have an option to monetize your hubs with the hubpages ad program. But, as you may already know, it cannot replace the adsense program in view of the earnings. After creating some high quality hubs, you can apply for google adsense through your hubpages account. Though the chances of getting approval are slim, I would suggest you to have a try or use amazon affiliate program.

Income of an Ordinary Writer at Hubpages

I’m writing this hubpages review with my personal experience, however, that doesn’t mean that I make some thousands of dollars every month at this revenue sharing site. The reason is – I’m not a fan of such writing sites as I find writing at a niche blog is more profitable.

As an ordinary writer, who writes a couple of hubs per month, I earn around $60 a month at hubpages. You might be shocked with my earnings – but most of my earnings are from the old articles that I’ve written a year back.

If you can write daily with lots of passion, you could build a steady income at hubpages in a very less time. With my research on this site for the last three years, all I could say is- you’ll never get rich for writing here, but you could improve your writing skills as well as make some decent money. I would recommend anyone to create a blog for earning serious money as it doesn’t happen at hubpages.

Things That Work On Hubpages

Two years back, before google penguin came out, it was too easy to drive tons of search engine traffic for our hubs. A slight on-page SEO and a few low quality backlinks could take a hub to the top of google search results for a specific keyword. But the game has now changed and making to the top has become harder.

They had been approving every hub with a decent word size, which really was suicidal. Since then they have made it clear to the writers that – writing hubs for income and search engines is no more live. You must write for your readers with more than 1000 words on each hub, without which it’ll not be published. Another working strategy at hubpages is – updating the hubs regularly to keep your followers active. Of course, this is the meaning of hub.

Hubpages Referral Program

Hubpages doesn’t really have a good referral program. No doubt it’s profitable for them, but the members have nothing much to earn as a referrer.

They pay you 10% of your referrals impressions for life time. We knew that writers earn 60% of the total traffic and hubpages takes the remaining 40%. But in this case, hubpages gives you 10% of their impressions of your referrals hubs. So, it’ll not effect on the earnings of the person you refer.

Until now, I’ve referred 14 writers to hubpages, meanwhile only a couple of referrals earned me a total of $17 as of writing this blog post. It’s pretty hard to make a steady income from the hubpages referral program, because there’s no guaranty that our referrals can write successful hubs. These days it becomes harder to get our hubs approved by the admin, so our referrals need to go through a long way to make us profitable for getting them into this. In my case, I feel luckier to refer a couple of good writers who are able to do something at hubpages.

Good Things About Hubpages

These are the things you would love to know about hubpages-

Highly legit company – They are a very popular revenue sharing company in the web. They also have a Wikipedia page for their website, which does mean that they are completely legit.

Trusted payments – You never require worrying about the payments, since hubpages pays at the right time as they promise. You’ll get your earnings of this month at the end of the next month, but I’m sure they will not let you complain about the payments.

Wide exposure for your hubs– Your hubs may get a huge number of views if they get featured on the homepage. There’s also a social tool that enables writers to follow other writers hubs, like their hubs and comment.

Improve writing skills - Writers canimprove their writing skills by using hubpages to publish articles since they do not approve low quality stuff that include spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Increase your knowledge – By following other writers of the same interests you have a chance of improving your awareness on a particular subject.

Bad Things About Hubpages

These are the facts that you wouldn’t want to know about this revenue sharing site –

Low earnings – It takes more time to make a hub, so you may feel unhappy with the low earnings. At most you could earn around $3 for every thousand views your hubs generate. But we can’t predict the earnings because it depends on the keyword we are writing about.

Hard to write quality hubs- I don’t think it is so easy to get your hubs approved by the admin. After the updates google pumped in, all revenue sharing sites made their rules tight.

Google adsense required – Unlike other sites that pay users a share, at hubpages you must have a google adsense account to earn revenue from your posts. Though other monetization tools such as amazon are available, adsense is better than those.

Final Review Of Hubpages

If you want to earn quick money, I suggest you to try any other ways to make passive income, but not hubpages. This site takes a lot of time, efforts, knowledge, patience, and a lot of writing. At the start of your hubpages career you could only see a little income in your adsense account. If you can hold for more time, then hundreds of dollars will come finding you every month.

Leave about the earnings, main part is writing hubs. Try to put as much information as you can to get it approved easily, add images that describes your content. I agree – pictures worth thousand words, but text is equally important at hubpages. Here ends my epic hubpages review.

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A List Of Top Earners Of Neobux – Do You Know Who Is The Top Earner At Neobux ?

Neobux has been producing a lot of successful users from the day they came out to the Internet. Many of you are very slow earners, and hardly make anything from this site. But, there are some users who nearly make four figures every month from neobux. I’ve seen a user of neobux sharing his earnings in their forum, and that inspired me to write an article on the top earners of neobux.

I’m not hundred percent sure about this, since many users are keeping their earnings privately. This data of the top earners of neobux was made by collecting the information shared in their forum by real users.

a list of top earners of neobux

New Updates :

Earlier I thought that magnet5674 was the top earner of neobux, but that was replaced by another user – Helixpt. He has made more than $275102 in a quick time with 15000+ rented referrals. I think there must be some direct referrals helped him to earn that much.

Top Earners Of Neobux


This guy is from the United Kingdom, and with no doubt he is the king of neobux for now. His story was started five years ago as a general user like you. But his hard work and patience really paid him a lot of money.

Total Earnings - $240923.03

Rented Referrals – 36,500+

Average Daily Profits – $49 USD

His strengths are investing money for rented referrals and recycling at the proper time. Recently, in a discussion, he said that only 18% of his referrals are clicking advertisements actively and the rest are just inactive from the very few days of buying. As he usually does, he said that he would remove those inactive referrals in the recycling process.


An ultimate neobux user from Portugal, he has been making money here from 2008. Not as successful as the above user, Ledo has his own strategy of renting referrals. I afraid every top earner had chosen to rent referrals instead of going for the direct referrals. I do not prefer to rent at neobux since it requires a lot of investment, but I’m always getting motivated by reading these success stories.

Total Earnings - $136957.46

Rented Referrals – 16,000+

My Take On Their Success :

After closely watching at these users I got that everyone has their own strategy for generating profits with the neobux rented referral program. If you are following my blog posts from many days, you would already know that I never preferred renting referrals. I thought that investing money for referrals is really foolish when you can get them for free. But, these people have got great profits with this program.

who is the top earner of neobux

At the start they never tried to cashout their earnings; instead they rented referrals with that money. This is the most important strategy for the top earners of neobux. Other thing is recycling the referrals at the right time. Why would someone keep a referral who never clicks ads? While we are paying money to rent those referrals, it’s better to have a very close insight at them.

Remember – Standard members do not earn a lot of commissions from their referrals. So all they need is to upgrade their packages at the right time. If you get enough referrals to upgrade to the next membership, you can do. Another consideration is – neobux limits the no. of referrals a standard user can refer, which is enough to take a decision on your membership.

Disclaimer: I have not taken any permission from the users to post their earnings here, since I believe that once they publish their earnings on a forum it’ll be considered as a public property to share elsewhere. Any user, who wants to have more privacy, can report in the below comments section, then their names will be removed from the top neobux earners list. Thank you.

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